Monuments of Palermo City

From Quattro Canti symbol of the historic center of Palermo city, you can admire churches, palaces and gardens among the oldest and with a great variety of architectural styles such as the Arab, Norman, Romanesque, Liberty, Renaissance and Gothic styles.


Palace of the Eagles

Chamber of Wonders

Church of San Ranieri

Quattro Canti

Church of Martorana

Church of San Cataldo

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Oratory of Santa Cita

Church of San Giorgio Genovesi

Church of Jesus

Pretoria Square

Church of Santa Croce

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Church of Santa Caterina

Church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini

Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia

Palatina Chapel

Church of Santa Chiara

Church of Santa Maria Valverde

Church of San Matteo

Church of Santa Maria della Pietà

Church of Santissimo Salvatore

Church of San Domenico

Church of Santa Maria dello Spasimo

Church of Santa Teresa alla Kalsa

Church of Santa Teresa alla Kalsa

Oratorio di San Lorenzo

Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti

Porta Nuova

Royal Palace

Steri Palace

Church of Ss. Trinità la Magione

XIII Victims Square

Botanical Garden

Utveggio Castle

Chinese Palace

Monreale's Cathedral

Palermo Cathedral

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