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The Public Transport of the city of Palermo includes a map with the main bus lines, trams, hospitals and the main landmarks of the city of Palermo.


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Discover Palermo

The Palermo City

The territory of the City of Palermo extends over a plain called "Golden Basin". It is between the Palermo mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The name "Golden Basin" derives from the fact that before the urbanization the city was a luxuriant field of citrus fruits which gave it a golden color, hence the name "Golden Basin".
The history of Palermo is surrounded by numerous dominations that have distinguished its variegated cultural characteristics, giving life to a fascinating culture for its many aspects.
All told by its historical markets, its seaside hamlets and its typical dishes that make it one of the most appreciated Italian cities for the variety of its dishes.
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Cultural Centers

For its thousand-year history, Palermo is one of the European cities with the largest cultural heritage, due in particular to the many dominations that have characterized its multiple culture and civilization.
For this reason, through its monuments, its churches, its royal palaces, we find the history not only of the city of Palermo, but also of all those civilizations that have shaken its cultural and civil landscape.
All documented thanks to the ancient writings preserved in the many museums and public libraries of the city.
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FoodDrink & Enjoit

Walking through its immense culture and art, Palermo also offers a varied choice for those wishing to enjoy good food, selecting the best places to taste a wide variety of dishes offered both by the typical local cuisine of Palermo, as well as Italian and international.
You will find from the classic street food, to the restaurant / trattoria for a plate of pasta, meat or fish, to pizza with dough for all needs and tastes, to international Japanese and Asian food in general, or to the classic hamburger sandwich with meat 100% Italian or Sicilian.
What a tourist day would start without a good breakfast with typical Palermo sweets and a good cappuccino or espresso, and even here the variety does not lack the best that the city of Palermo can offer.
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The value of a handmade artistic creation has neither time nor boundaries. In this section of Palermocityforyou we want to offer you the best of local craftsmanship of the City of Palermo.
Each creation tells the uniqueness of the artistic expression of each craftsman, thanks to his skilled hands an artistic idea takes shape, so as to make each of his creations unique and exclusive.
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Public Transport

Here you will find information on public transport.
Moreover you will have the possibility to consult the map of the city, with a wide choice of references to select as for example: transportation lines, public gardens, public sports centers, hospitals and much more to feel the tourist of the Palermo city.
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