Palermo Marina Yachting

Palermo Marina Yachting - The maritime area dedicated to pleasure boating

"Palermo Marina Yachting" is a maritime area dedicated to pleasure boating and entertainment, located in the port of Palermo.
An urban redevelopment project has been carried out which has transformed the area into a modern and equipped space for yachts and motor boats, with a wide range of services and recreational activities for visitors.

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Palermo Marina Yachting
Palermo Marina Yachting
Palermo Marina Yachting
Palermo Marina Yachting

Palermo Marina Yachting

Palermo finds its sea again: "Palermo Marina Yachting" is inaugurated

On 13 October 2023, the port of Palermo saw the inauguration of the Marina Yachting, a new outlet dedicated to boating and entertainment.
The Yachting Marina is a 15-hectare area overlooking the sea, where it is possible to admire the beauty of the port and the city.
This new nautical space offers visitors the opportunity to practice water sports, such as sailing and swimming, and to admire the fleet of yachts and boats found in the port.
The largest dancing fountain in Italy was built here.
Furthermore, Marina Yachting also offers a wide range of services, such as restaurants, bars and shops, which make this place even more attractive for tourists and city dwellers.
The inauguration of the Marina Yachting was a moment of great importance for the city of Palermo, as it represents a new stage in the development of the port and the city of Palermo.
This new space offers the possibility of revitalizing the local economy and creating new opportunities for residents and visitors.
Marina Yachting is a unique experience that offers visitors the opportunity to spend time relaxing and having fun on the sea, a point of reference for the city of Palermo and represents an important opportunity for its growth and economic development.

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