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Velo Bike Tour
Velo Bike Tour
Velo Bike Tour
Velo Bike Tour

VeloTour - e-bike rental & tours

Rent or enjoy the tour of Palermo with your E-Bike

The service that VeloTour offers its customers is the rental of pedal assisted electric bikes, all strictly in accordance with the law in compliance with Article 50 of the Highway Code. electric motor of e-bikes (max power of 250w), powered by a battery and controlled by a control unit, assists the cyclist during the ride only in the presence of pedal movement and up to a maximum speed of 25 km / h, beyond the The ecological bike is suitable for use both on the street and along the cycle paths and to enter the restricted traffic areas of the historic center.
With the rental of an electric bike and with the models available for both men and women, you can pedal to discover the artistic and landscape beauties of Palermo.
With the rental VeloTour delivers to the customer a kit including a geographical map of the city, helmet, safety lock and tire spray, all included in the cost of the bike rental.

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